类型:金融理财 丨 更新:2021-09-17

应用简介 is a hybrid-decentralized exchange enabling trustless trading of digital assets in real time - powered by off-chain order matching with on-chain escrow and settlement. On top of our proprietary order book, we also aggregated all available liquidity from Kyber, Oasis and Uniswap. has been built to offer an inviting and user friendly trading experience. An advanced range of trading features and tools provides intuitive, safe and highly functional trading on the Ethereum blockchain for all types and levels of traders. As a community we are concerned with taking all necessary steps to encourage the movement of trading away from the current centralized options. We aim to contribute a convenient and efficient alternative to bring back the initial core values of decentralization, contributing to the health of crypto markets, while ensuring safety and control for our users.

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